For customisation of Textor products please contact one of our knowledgeable staff.

Please be aware of local building requirements. If this product will be used in exposed situations within 1km of salt marine locations, or in severe industrial or unusually corrosive environments, alternative coating type may be required.

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Lipped Channel

Textor Lipped Channels boast superior structural performance in strength to weight, with lateral rigidity and low deflection for a light weight structural member. Ideal for structural, construction and fabrication applications, they are available in a wide range of sections in black and galvanised finishes. Customisations are available upon request.


  • Superior Strength
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Operational excellence

Example Applications:

  • Construction (widely used in building and construction)
  • Roofing (light weight roof trusses, roof T-bar, roof suspension)
  • Walls (wall framing)
  • Mining (Conveyors)
  • Storage systems, support systems, architectural applications, electrical applications
  • Farming (tractors, combines, grain bin floors, chicken roosts, grape stakes)


  • Black
  • Galvanised Steel


  • Cut to length
  • Grade and gauge
  • Coating thickness on galvanised finish
  • Custom Roll Form and modified profiles
  • Punching


  • Standard sizes on site ready for dispatch
  • Customisations with minimum delay.


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