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HYTEK Steel Framing

Whether you are looking for a residential building, workshop or other type of structure we have the solution for you with HYTEK. We handle commercial or industrial buildings, all designed to your specifications and engineering requirements.

The HYTEK Frame Solution allows us to fully customise design for all your steel framing needs. We work with you to design a structure to suit your specific building processes and construction requirements within the agreed time frame guaranteed.

Using the HYTEK technology, each piece of steel is cut to the exact size ensuring complete accuracy. All components are manufactured to the highest standard possible using state of the art equipment and the best quality material. We guarantee dimensionally correct frames within +/- 1mm of your design specifications, which result in you the customer saving costs in both labour and materials.

Light Gauge Steel construction has been extensively used worldwide for decades. HYTEK steel framing provides you with a strong, lightweight and accurate product, resulting in shorter construction times and a high-end quality structure.

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