At Textor Metal Industries we recognize that every project is unique. In addition to stocking standard products ready for dispatch, our flexible rolling program allows for customised delivery. Textor is able to accommodate your specific requirements, including “rolled to length”, with minimum impact to production time.

Textor Metal Industries stock lengths of every standard product, hold a full range of coils on site and maintain optimal rolling schedules. We are committed to meeting and exceeding both the product needs, and time demands of our customer. Textor does not compromise on straightness or web and flange measurements.

Textor Metal Industries build and modify our own roll forming machines onsite. In doing so, we provide our valued clients with the greatest possible flexibility to modify profiles with confidence, reduce cost, and keep delivery times to a minimum.


By roll forming from continuous coil Textor Metal Industries supply “cut to length” product to suit specific requirements. This efficient customisation saves time and money by optimising material usage.


Minimum Length 150mm
Maximum Length Special transport required above 12.2m


Standard Lengths +10mm / -10mm
Cut to Length +1mm / -1mm

Minimum Quantities

All cut to length orders are subject to quotation as each profile has different requirements.

Please don’t hesitate to discuss with our helpful Sales Representatives.

Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project or enquiry.


In addition to our readily available standard products, master coils held onsite range in all gauges and grades. Upon request, we deliver roll formed sections from any of the material specifications and thicknesses available, in minimal timeframes.


To achieve a longer coating life, customers can opt for a number of different products and coating classes.

Due to the non-standard nature of this option, orders are subject to lead times and minimum quantities. Simply speak to one of our helpful Sales Representatives to discuss your requirements and the relevant timeframes.


Modifications in width, depth, lip dimensions and profiles to existing Textor Products are also available upon request. This flexible, made-to-order technical capability increases our service offering to meet individual customer requirements for unique projects, and is delivered with no fuss and complete confidence.

Example modifications:

Textor Lipped Channel modifications for use in fabrication and construction. Textor C Purlin sections can be rolled with a downturned lip and Textor Lipped Channel an be rolled as top hat sections.


Textor Metal Industries achieves punching accuracy with very tight tolerances. The Punching process can be done in line while roll forming or offline as a separate operation.

Typically, punching is used for service holes and/or bolt holes to connect profiles together or to attach brackets. There are many applications that use punching to minimise on site labour and ensure accuracy. For more information about our Punching capabilities for your project, simply click here to contact us.